For the immersive play A Ribbon About A Bomb, the character of surrealist Leonora Carrington delivers a monologue about how stifling it was to be forced into British high society as a debutante. To mirror this emotion in her costume, Matsy created a ball gown to fill an entire room. Using over 400 square feet of fabric, she built a dress that covered the room and climbed up the walls as curtains. The skirt raised to create a tent for the audience to climb beneath, where they could meet the “real” Leonora.

Fitting photo with actress Mindy Leanse

Photo by Al Rodriguez

Photo by Al Rodriguez


A little boy shaken by the loss of his mom, finds a motherly spirit in an unlikely place. (Below, Mood boards, BTS photo of Matsy dressing the monster, and a 2 minute clip from the film.) 


Matsy works as a designer and fabricator for NYC nightlife personality, Magdalena Femanon, who famously wears stilts to be the tallest girl at the club. Here is a gown Matsy created for Magdalena’s holiday photo shoot (She stands about 8’ here!).


In the Enchanted Realm of Rene Magritte, the audience explored the winding halls and multiple stories within the iconic painter’s childhood home. Matsy drew inspiration from the incredible aesthetic of his paintings, fashions of the 1940s-60s (when he created his most notable work) and added a bit of a modern twist.

Digital Mood Board for character Hilda/Helda

Hand crafted pearl covered glasses and custom gloves with fingernails/Photo by Al Rodriguez

Digital Mood Board for character Sheila Legg

Headdress of silk and handmade paper flowers

Sheila Legg with Rene Magritte/Photo by Al Rodriguez

The ghost of Regina Magritte/Photo by Al Rodriguez

Digital Mood Board for character The Ghost of Regina Magritte


Inspired by the incredible costumes built by the Haitian people every year for Carnival, as well as their tradition of building art pieces out of found materials to leave at the graves of their loved ones, Matsy created this production of Once on This Island using found materials, upcycling, and thrift store finds.

Ti Moune in her ballgown, made from pieces of 6 old formal gowns & crinnolines/Photo by Matthew Murphy

Ti Moune's ballgown rendering (Watercolor on photocopy of original sketch.)

Agwe backstage in finished cape

Pattern for Agwe's cape. (Sharpie, pencil & paper.)

Erzulie (2nd from right ) wearing custom built skirt, and Agwe (far right) wearing costume made from recycled fabric and shower curtains/Photo by Matthew Murphy

Erzulie research photos and costume rendering. (Watercolor on photocopy of original sketch.)


Pencil sketches of characters from Woyzeck/Production photos by Ellise Lesser


Inspired by mother-daughter relationships from the past, Matsy created timeless looks for the rural family made up of: a Mother, a daughter (Anna Bella), and the Mud Girl - Anna Bella Eema. 

Mother, Anna Bella Eema, and Anna Bella wearing custom built dresses with vintage and antique accents and buttons/Photo by Jess Osber

Mood board/inspiration for Anna Bella Eema (Vintage photos on magazine tears.)


Sketch of the Skriker ensemble (pencil and paper)

Yallory Brownand The Girl with the Telescope (2nd from right, and far right)/Photo by Ellise Lesser


Photos by Ellise Lesser

Mood board/inspiration for Quake. (Digital)